News: The maintainer of this site, Jess Scott, died suddenly of a heart attack on Oct. 31, 2012 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. During his life, Jess created and maintained, and spent countless hours compiling and sharing the images and historical records that are found here. This website will continue to be available online, for the benefit of the many families and homesteads that he documented. Please send inquiries, condolences, or updates to jscott @, which will continue to be checked by the family.

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View from Stith Valley looking south. The old Stith cemetery is at the top of the hill. This was the long time residence of Jesse Jones Stith and Lucinda Cain Stith.

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I will speak to you in poetry
Unfold the mysteries
Of the past.
What we have heard and know,
what our ancestors have told us
we shall not conceal
from their descendents, but
will tell to a generation
still to come.....

Psalm 78:2-4 (NJB)

Poem, "My Beautiful Valley" by J.B. Simmons


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20 September 2008  -   Essay from 1880 on Big Spring history by Mary E. Bentley (12 years old)

August 2008      - Life of Thomas Jefferson Stith, an essay by Bruce Stith

15 August 2008  -   The Mystery of Stonewall Shacklett – By Marcus Payne

9 August 2007   -  collection of obituaries of interest to Stith Valley

8 August 2007  -  index to old scrap book belonging to Blanchert Shacklett Hayden

1 December 2006 -  family of Nancy Catherine Williams and Silas Moses Crume from Diane Gladow

30 November 2006  -  Better picture of Aunt Pollie Shacklett from Lisa Hardin.

27 October 2006  -  Line of Isaac Stith (1819-1898) from Don Stith.

7 September 2006 -  Line of Nancy Catherine Williams, daughter of John Finley Williams, from Dean and Diane Gladow

16 October 2005  - Family line of Nehemiah Hayden (1798-1820)

12 July 2005      -  Stith Valley is now hosting the Fontaine / Maury Society web site

4 February 2005 - descendents of John Stith, 8th child of Richard Stith, Sr., also some Johnson family connection in Kentucky

22 January 2005 - two portraits of old Browns from Meade County Kentucky

24 December 2004 -  Jack Jeffers Scott photo album, early 1900s.  Contents page only from CD is posted on web site and on Stith Valley CD.  Newer photos are the later pages in the album.

23 December 2004 - Some notes on William Hayden

25 October 2004 - Photo and will of William Buckner Hardaway, includes information about family and land ownership in Stith Valley.  See Hardaway page.

14 Sept 2004 -  Introduction to the Stiths by Carol Anne Scott

25 July 2004 - Annual 4 Family Reunion, Ashcraft, Richardson, Shacklette, and Stith.   Sunday July 25th at 1:00 EDT At Meade Co. Senior Citizens Center; 1200 Old Ekron Rd., Brandenburg, Ky.  Bring food and drink and join us.  Info:  jscott.jpg (5605 bytes)

18 Jul 2004  New Stith Book:  THE STITHS: LIFE ON THE FRONTIER,  MEADE, HARDIN AND BRECKINRIDGE COUNTIES,   KENTUCKY 1804  by Harriet Fast Scott, 2004  ...... The children and grandchildren of Richard (1727-1802)
and Lucy (Hall) Stith     

21 January 2004 -  Index of a collection of Walter Jeffers photos (son of Olive Cain Jeffers), about 1910

19 December 2003 -  Capt John Kasey, Jr. of Big Spring, Kentucky, papers from 1835-1841.  Description of Big Spring Kentucky on December 19, 1839.  Description of route by horseback from Virginia through Cumberland Gap to the Elizabethtown Kentucky area in December 1839.

20 November 2003 - Civil War Incidents in and around Meade County, Kentucky   by   Dr. Marshall Myers

23 October 2003  - Notes on Joseph Stith, son of Richard Stith, Sr.

17 October 2003  -  Updated some Whelan data on Wright family line

10 October 2003  -  Pacific Crest Trail notes

1 October 2003      -  Story of Jesse and Susan Shacklett's move to Oklahoma in 1889

29 September 2003 -  Photos from the High Ground Cemetery at old Hill Grove

7 September 2003 - Two old Hardaway photo albums are indexed.

28 August 2003 -  John Henry Cain family

15 August 2003 -  George C. Cain family

5 May 2003      -   New Hobbs information

27 March 2003  -   Information on Bewleyville Baptist Church from 1860.  Also Triplett information.

20 March 2003  -   Meade County Messenger article by Thomas J. Stith

10 March 2003   -  Big Spring Headlines 1879-1884 from Herald News, Hardensburg, Kentucky

9 February 2003  -  Grandma Margaret Hardaway's photo album

20 January 2003  -   Photo of Uncle John Cain (1828 - 1908)  Look down the page a bit.

16 January 2003  -   Obituary of Margaret Cain Hardaway, Nov. 24, 1913.

10 January 2003  -    Uncle Jesse Stith's (1818-1895) Photo Album is now on CD.

9 January 2003    -    Information on Pictorial Histories from Tawana Publishing by Judy Blair

8 January 2003     -    More old Stith portraits from 1800s

2 January  2003      -  Justinian Tennison to Christian Cooksey who married William Scott

28 December 2002 - A look at the descendents of Richard Stith, Jr. who are living in 1910.

6 December 2002 - A CD of notes and photos relating to Bewleyville and Big Spring, Ky.

5 December 2002 - More of C. R. Stith book
                             - Photo of Eleanor (Ellen, Ellenor) Purcell Scott b. 1823

26 November 2002 - Portraits of some old Stiths from photo album of Jesse Jones Stith

23 November 2002 - Scott Hill Farm featured on Soil Survey book from Meade County Messenger

8 November 2002 - Some interesting young folk from Bewleyville
                              - Jon Whitfield's journey to Devon and Jersey

5 Nov 2002 - Descendents of Thomas Stith, includes Stiths and Drury's around Bewleyville.
4 Nov 2002 - Aunt Lucinda Stith's photo album.
                    - Portraits of John Cain b. 1797 and Olive Dismore, his wife.

1 Oct 2002   -  Essay on John Hayden, immigrant in 1630, by William Dowell.

29 Sept 2002 -  More on Hobbs / Fontaine.

30 Aug 2002 - Photo of Charles Lewis about 1885

26 Aug 2002 - Dowell family information from Meredith Dowell and Bob Dowell

21 May 2002 - Shacklett information - work on line of John William Shacklett (b1880) courtesy Patrick A Cook

18 April 2002 -  Picture of Jesse and Lucinda Stith (perhaps 1880?) Contributed by Shirley Unruh a descendent of Thomas N. Miller.

19 March 2002 - Jack Jeffers Scott photo album, early 1900s.  Contents page only from CD is posted on web site and on Stith Valley CD.

21 Feb 2002 - Reorganized commercial listings Fort Knox off base rental housing.  Fort Knox Kentucky Rental Housing Area.

11 Feb 2002 - 1884 Church Register, Methodist Episcopal Church South, Big Spring Conference, Data from 1884 through 1900.  This is a separate CD.  The contents page only from Church Register CD is posted on web site and on Stith Valley CD.

4 Feb 2002  - Jack Scott writes on use of dynamite in farming post WW II

28 Dec 2001 - Information on  Meade County Pictorial History by Judy Blair (recently released)

7 Nov 2001 - Kennedy family from Bradley – Gibson – Jenkins Allied Families by Deward C. Williams, 1966
                      Jenkins family from Bradley – Gibson – Jenkins Allied Families by Deward C. Williams, 1966
                      Also more on Hill Grove Baptist Church
                      Meade County School House by GEORGE T. JENKINS (b. 1839, d. 1913)
                      Thanks to DeeDee Hamm

1 Nov 2001 - Margaret Alma Witt's photo collection available on CD.
                      This is a separately organized CD and not a part of the Stith Valley web site CD.

18 Sep 2001 - More Jones wills and photos

9 Sep 2001  - More on Mary, dau of John Blancit and Barbara (Quick) Shacklett  (see letters link)

4 Jun 2001    - Relationship between Maude Marie Tatum and Hannah Chase Williams

29 May 2001 - Mabel Coleman at 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis

12 Mar 2001 - Photo of Mrs. Ruth, foster daughter of Jesse Jones Stith. (look down the page a ways)
                         History of Bewleyville Methodist Church

8 Mar 2001  - Material for Henry W. Scott family including new portraits.

28 Feb 2001 - Stith material from Kay Redmann

6 Feb 2001 - Story of James Newton Bradshaw and Maude M. Tatum thanks to Freda Goforth Garcia

23 Jan 2001 - More Estie Stith Crabbe material from Catherine J. Perry

21 Jan 2001 - Last Will of Jesse Jones Stith with mention of his adopted children

31 Dec 2000 - Tour of Stith Valley courtesy Lucille Seymour and Rachel Hardin

17 Dec 2000 - Big Spring Methodist Church 1848 record book now complete

17 Dec 2000 - Poems by Francis Williams

1 Dec 2000 - More on Shackletts

28 Nov 2000 News - Enterprise article on Green River Trip

19 Nov 2000 History of Hill Grove Baptist Church

31 Oct 2000 Shacklette notes from Victoria Fairchild

12 Oct 2000 Started and index to Civil War topics related to Stith Valley.  The first entries regard the Shacklette family.
                     Posted photos from Green River trip.

10 Oct 2000 Added index to book Stith Kin II, a collection of letters from Estie Stith Crabbe compiled by Harriet Fast Scott
                                                                 Research notes from Judy Canant regarding Stith lines.

24 Sept 2000 Added and organized material on Big Spring KY and the Methodist Church there.

11 June 2000 Good photo of Thomas Jefferson Stith, courtesy James Fontaine Scott.

23 May 2000 Material added on Big Spring Methodist Church, and Big Spring page updated.  Some more on  John Stith (4th) -- Jesse Stith   .  Correspondence regarding the last family mule.

13 Apr 2000 More on John Stith (4th) -- Jesse Stith

16 Feb 2000 More on Shacklettes

1 Feb 2000 Wright Family in Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky

26 Jan 2000 Ruth Fontaine Scott on the birth of her third child.

18 Jan 2000 Taylor Cemetery in Stith Valley

11 Jan 2000 Meadeville Cemetery; Ruth Fontaine Scott's ancestry notes

5 Jan 2000  Writings of Harold H. Stith courtesy Bruce Stith

23 Dec 99 Granny Scott's (Louisa Adelissa Hardaway) autograph book copied and indexed by Carol Anne Scott

16 Dec 99 Harriet Fast Scott's Vol II of Estie Stith Crabbe's Stith letters is now complete. If you are on line use this link instead to Pack Stith: .

28 Nov 99 Rachel Hardin's Shacklette Family History is now completely copied courtesy of Carol Scott.  Contains related family information: Williams, Stith, Saunders, Taylor and more.    Rachel is looking for originals of more photos.  We will add them as they are available.

9 Nov 99  Harriet Fast Scott's Vol I of Estie Stith Crabbe's Stith letters is now complete. If you are on line use this link instead to Pack Stith: .

14 Oct 99 Aunt Harriet's latest book is now complete.  THE STITHS: COLONIAL LIFE  IN CHARLES CITY COUNTY VIRGINIA 1709-1741    If you are on line use this link instead to Pack Stith:

6 Oct 99   Original Deed to Richard Stith, Jr. for his land in Stith Valley from Hardin County Deed book pages 505-508 1811
                 More work on Montana Trip
                 More Hardaway information courtesy of Margaret Edwards  see also:  Hardaway
                 Legal paper concerning Rhoda Jones Stith after the death of her husband Thomas J. Stith

8 Sept 99  Meade County officials 1935 including Walter Lee Scott
                 also genealogy information on Haynes - Enfield - Long by Estie Stith Crabbe

13 August  Deed conveying Jesse Jones Stith farm to Charles Lee Scott and Walter Lee Scott.  Contains list of heirs of Jesse Jones Stith and Lucinda Cain Stith.

7 Aug 99   Interview with Stith Phillips Fontaine by Jack J. Scott

22 July 99  Excerpts from Aunt Harriet's latest book.  Including will of Maj. John Stith, d 1694
                 More on the Montana trip.
                 Estie Stith Crabbe's letters to William Allen Stith (index plus just a few letters)

25 Jun 99  Taylor ancestry -- more on Taylors including writings of Rachel Shacklette Taylor.
                 Hayden Ancestry including Mayflower passengers John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.
                Jones/Scott/Stith diagram.  How Aunt Maytie fit in.

5 June 99  Taylor ancestry -- a start at organization and some additions including a letter from 1907.

2 June 99  More Hardaway history.

28 May 99  Taylor ancestry: Rachel Taylor and previous from files of Rachel Hardin.

23 May 99 Will of Richard Stith, Sr.   Will of William Jordan.

20 May 99 Charles R. Stith history of the Stith family now complete.  Includes references to David Fontaine, to Walter C. Scott, and to Thomas J. Stith of Stith Valley, Meade County, Kentucky.

12 May 99 Site search capability now available.  Want to know every time Margaret Hardaway is mentioned?  This will tell you!  

9 May 99 Letters to Miss Addie Francis Stith from Mary E. Moorman (in China) 1928-39. 

5 May 99  Cross references in Williams and Hardaway files.

19 April 99 More on Fontaine Ancestry

7 April 99   Fontaine House in Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky

22 March 99  Excerpts from book by Charles R. Stith courtesy John Whitfield.  Includes Stith duel. 

9 Mar 99  Williams ancestry including photos of Rachel Taylor and others

20 Feb 99  Thomas Jefferson Stith in the Civil War by Bruce Stith.

10 Feb 99 Family letters contributed by Margaret Alma Witt.  Includes a letter from Louisa Cain (Galligher) to Margaret Cain (Hardaway) and some letters from the depression.
Irene Buckner Stith and Diva at the Piggot train station on December 15, 1912.  I did quite a bit of reorganizing of the file system here. Please let me know if you find a broken link.

8 Feb 99  Charles Lee Scott family home 1891.
                Stith Valley women 1949.

4 Feb 99  Hats of Walter Lee Scott; updated names from Williams family reunion , started Big Spring page, Ruth Fontaine in                   1896 parade.

31 Jan 99 C.B. Fontaine real estate promotion, 1922.
                More Stith stuff from Walter C. Scott's file.

28 Jan 99   Cabin photos at Woodspoint.  Look down the page for new photos and information on Charles Harold Scott and Margaret Eleanor Scott Witt (Uncle Harold and Aunt Mago) to include a photo of Uncle John in 1915.

17 Jan 99    Jones Ancestry including a picture of the house where Nancy Jones Stith grew up.

15 Jan 99    Ruth Fontaine Scott's trip to England in 1950.  Interesting perspective from Ruth Fontaine Scott.   Mentions a number of relatives.

9 Jan 99       Brandenburg, Meade County, Kentucky 1937 flood.
                    Notes from the diary of her grandmother by Alice Bondurant Scott.

28 Dec 98    Fontaine Ancestry Added data with photo of Deborah Hobbs.

19 Dec 98 Grave Stones at Cousin Gill Wright place cemetery.

13 Nov 98 Granny's strawberry wine.

31 Oct 98

Picture at Thomas Enfield Stith home (includes Jack Scott)
Lots of new Stith stuff including portrait of Thomas Jefferson Stith (Son of Henry and Mary Ann Stith)
    Look down below picture of Elizabeth.

27 October 1998:

Notes on Elizabeth Buckner Stith and new Stith links.

23 October 1998:
Walter Lee Scott Family 1924

22 October 1998:
Family of William Slaughter Scott;    Ellenor Purcell kin;  Indexed the writings of Mary Eleanor Scott Martin

21 October 1998:
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